Our Motive

To Know Him…

A Time of Worship-Psalm 29 2
Our primary reason for meeting is to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness and open our hearts and lives to His Lordship.

A Time for Growth-2 Timothy 2 : 15
The Bible is given to encourage and teach us how to live in a sinful world. The Word of God
is relevant and powerful for the demands of our day for everyone, whether recently saved or having enjoyed a long walk with the Lord.

To Make Him Known…

A Place of Fellowship-Hebrews 10 25

Believers find encouragement, support and lasting friendships from other loving Christians.

A Place for Service-Matthew 516
The Church provides the means whereby we accept the challenge and opportunity to share
the good news of God’s saving grace to a world desperately in need of a Saviour. Working
together, we can accomplish for our Lord what we never could individually.

 Our Ministry Our Message